Perfect Slice

Games rarely get any simpler than this: you just have to slice the objects into two even parts!
Can you master the balance and become the Zen Slicer?

Perfect Slice

Perfect Slice iPhone - Screenshot 01 Perfect Slice iPhone - Screenshot 02 Perfect Slice iPhone - Screenshot 03 Perfect Slice iPhone - Screenshot 04 Perfect Slice iPhone - Screenshot 05

Here’s a gameplay video taken from iPad; except for the smaller screen, there’s practically no difference:


  • crispy clear Retina graphics
  • incredibly easy to play, but hard to master; did you know you can receive ZEN medals for perfect games?
  • ZEN game lets you take your time, and adjust the slice until you are ready
  • if you crave some excitement, try playing the SURVIVAL mode: see how long you can play before losing all your lives

HINT: first get to know the objects in ZEN mode, find the best way to slice them, then go crazy in SURVIVAL!

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