Serious Slice

The Pursuit Of The Precise Slice


Serious Slice - Screenshot 01 Serious Slice - Screenshot 02 Serious Slice - Screenshot 03 Serious Slice - Screenshot 04 Serious Slice - Screenshot 05

Serious Slice is a slicing game with one simple goal – slice the objects into two even parts,
before running out of time!

If you miss too much, you will lose some health, but you can get some of it back by making a Perfect Slice.

Be sure to watch out for strange objects that can play tricks on your eye!

Unlock all difficulty levels, earn all achievements and see how long you can survive.


Serious Slice has been designed exclusively for use with the revolutionary Leap Motion Controller that senses your hands and fingers and follows their every move.



Game features:

  • Over 60 sliceable objects from the Serious Sam universe
  • Pixel perfect slices
  • 9 unlockable difficulty levels and 12 challenging achievements
  • High score table – beat your personal best, or compete with your friends
  • 10 score ranks – Hopeless Slasher, Guillotine Aficionado, Atom Splitter and more

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